About Pastor

Daro Throl

Pastor Daro Throl grew up in Cambodia during the genecide movement. As his mother fled the country to survive the family end up in Portland Oregon. As Daro matured he felt the need for power and respect. Not being able to speak very good English he ended up finding security in the gang life. As his life progressed he felt he had everything the world had to offer, but inside himself he felt there was still something lacking. In an attempt to try to understand if there was more to life, Daro began to examine every religion. In his journey he found that Christianity was the only religion that answered three question.

The first question was where we came from, the second was what’s our purpose, the final question was where do we end up after we die. This journey lead Daro to salvation in Jesus Christ. As Daro matured in his relationship with God Daro saw his need for an education in the Bible as he was actually going to school for radiology. As he was now living in Boise Idaho, Daro decided that Boise Bible College would be the best place for him get a Biblical education.

After getting his degree Daro found himself being placed in a pastoral roll through a church planting organization that OneLove Church now currently supports in it’s giving. For several years Daro has now aimed to build a multicultural church that lives out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). With a passion for the gospel Daro lives to share that passion of sharing with the church he now leads.